XRumer 12.0.9更新

  • by adding to the database more than 58,000 new text captchas, the success rate was increased several times in trusted recourses (it’s recommended to use the database TrustedLinksChecked.txt) #增加了文字验证码58000+
  • Improved decoding of ReCapctha (lowed the possibility to be banned by service) #改善了ReCaptcha解码
  • Updated x_user_agent.txt
  • Corrected xas.txt
  • Improved xas_near.txt
  • In this regard, in report file was added information about using xas_near.txt
  • Realized check for critical files of program
  • Notice of connection problem to emailbox was adjusted.
  • Improved processing of captcha in last version of IPB
  • Improved PICTOTRY processing at redirect
  • Implemented ignore of redirects the links that contains "=noscript"
  • Interface screen was return to Standard mode, to avoid conflict with SocPlugin on Windows 8 / 8.1
  • Increased stability of authorization system
  • Updated MakeToIndex.ini
  • Fixed “Access Violation” error, that could appear when displaying warning messages
  • Adjusted the warning message about the mailbox at project start.
  • Was made significant improvements in “Antispam” system:  #Antispam系统有重大更新
    • Support of 64 bit OS, allowing to increase maximum precision and thematic of sent reply.
    • Fixed a critical bug in topics analyzer
    • Improved saving of information in Debug mode (file DebugPath.txt)
    • Supplemented Antispamxpostmask.ini and Antispamxnickmask.ini
    • Supplemented xurl.txt
    • Adjusted coding conversion to find better the answer.
    • Fixed bug at sending reply in phpBB
    • Adjusted logic of sending of neutral phrases.
    • Fixed a small bug in forming of nodes.txt
    • Fixed the work of additional filter of content
    • Implemented a deep collect of content
    • Implemented display of loading progress of nodes.txt in status bar (at the bottom)





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