XRumer 12.0.16 Elite 更新内容

  • Was improved speed and success rate of decoding ReCaptcha. (работа в этом направлении ещё продолжается)
  • Updated the databases of links from software. See in Links*_02_2016.txt
  • Added feedback about incorrect answers for 2Capctha.Com service. It was made for improving the quality of answers to textual captcha
  • fixed the issue of Project view for low resolution screens
  • Where added hot-keys for Project management:
    • "Save" — Ctrl+S
    • "Test" — Ctrl+T
    • "Email account registration" — Ctrl+R
    • "Auto-filling" — Ctrl+Alt+Q
  • Improved bypass of CloudFlare protection
  • updated automatic registration of email on Mail.ru service
  • fixed bugs that caused unstable work of xmulticore2 module
  • fixed serious errors existing in textual captchas databased
  • Was improved textcaptcha_forbidden.txt
  • Using MassDebug option was significantly updated xmessages.txt
  • improved % of successful registration on last version of IPB
  • improved bypass of anti-bot protection of StopForumSpam
  • Was added notifications to avoid frequent errors of users;
  • Was added new type of textual used on latest versions of IPB
  • Is adjusted display of list of Projects
  • adjusted processing of textual captcha on multipart-forms
  • Was improved saving of multi-textual captcha in semi-automatic mode.
  • improved decoding of unknown fields
  • improved work of MassPM mode on "vBSEO 3.5.0 RC2" engines
  • updated lists of User-Agents
  • added support of parameters from command prompt for force usage of Scheduler command.
    • For example to set up number of threads = 50 can be set up as follow:
      xpymep.exe -JobNum:8 -JobParameter:50
    • Information on relevant parameters are automatically displayed in the Scheduler at selecting the command
  • created special tool “Generate database of not registered recourses”. It works in the following way:
    • It get combine current reports “Profiles” + ”Activation” + from “Successful” report only resources with 100% successful registration.
    • Resulted database are saved as PROFILES_FILTER.txt
    • This database is filtered so will selects only those resources, which fails to register
    • The software immediately will switch to new generated database
  • Using this tool and subsequent passes in the "Registering only" mode, you can achieve additional growth of successful registrations of 20-30%
  • was improved “AntiSpam” system:
    • Increased the stability of work of AntiSpamServer*.exe
    • Adjusted display of current database size, in case if it’s more than 1 Gb
    • Improved processing of IPB and other engines
    • Added additional protection in case if in URL login-space is set through Tab and not through “space”
    • Adjusted saving of some settings.
    • Added additional warning notes regarding of limits of some parameters.
    • risk of overfilling of Debug file was reduced
    • complemented the masks to parse posts and nicknames on the engine SMF, phpBB, MyBB, XenForo, Vbulletin
    • fixed the bug of creating invalid attempts to send a reply to archived topic (where there is no right for posting)
    • increased the probability to send a neutral phrase in case if the software get difficulties for answer
    • Improved determination of topic name (anchor) for replies.





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