Xrumer 12.0.6更新

昨天,botmasterlabs发布了xrumer 12.0.6 更新。原文开始处,botmaster提到: 1,这是一次重要更新;2. ReCaptcha的问题还要2个周左右才能解决;3,ModCreator的改进将在下个月完成。

下面是这次更新的update log原文,如果有时间再翻译一下:

List of Changes and Improvements in XRumer 12.0.6

Program was trained to new types of graphic captcha:

Significantly improved success rate on several popular engines:

  • Discuz
  • DLE
  • Ucoz
  • *.altervista.org

as well as:

  • WR-LiteGuest, footprint "inurl:/guestbook/index.php?event=new&page=1"
  • English boards, footprint inurl:"/?view=post"+"inurl:subcatid="+"Make a Post"

• respectively, new bases are added:

  • Discuz.txt
  • DLE.txt
  • Ucoz.txt

Updated automatic email registration on Hotmail.com and Mail.ru
Added support of new anti-captcha services: RipCaptcha.com and RuCaptcha.Com
• Solved the stability problems faced on some systems
• Corrected the processing of proxy lists
• Adjusted the tool of training to textual captcha
• Updated the file DeCaptchadefault.mask.txt
Implemented loading of images (photos or avatars) at creation of new message (earlier it was possible only at profile edit).
Images are used from folder imgAvatars -> M or N or W depending which gender is specified in the Project
• Fixed Interface bug, occurs at automatic registration of mail to GMail.com
• The program is trained to complicated captcha DLE and additional types of captcha on Ucoz
• Improved bypass of StopForumSpam protections
• Implemented more flexible method for recognition fields for captcha decoding
• Modified the files xurl.txt and xmessages.txt
• Implemented bypass of Ajax-protection on DLE, whereby increased % of successful commenting in news;
Note: send message should be as short as possible – on most DLE recourses exist restrictions on length of the text
• Fixed error “Range Check Error”
• Improved efficiency of “Mass-PM” mode on DLE engines
• Improved readability of letters in Unicode at activation of links from email
• In file xpop.txt added new section [IGNORE], which allow to ignore other links from mails
• Added additional checking of correctness of fulfilling of the Project
• Fixed bug “I/O Error 32” appeared at download of emails in manual mode when M database was used.
• Deleted footprints of Ucos sites from xblack_inurl.txt
• Modified authorization procedure, fixed some errors;
• In Scheduler improved the command “Run application”. Now it’s possible to add name of application with parameters. Example: "notepad.exe C:Temptext.txt"
• Implemented bypass of CloudFlare protection, used on sites *.altervista.org
• In Aggressive posting mode fixed bug of duplication of topics in same categories.
• Supplemented the file MakeToIndex.ini

• Made some improvements in ModCreator:

  • Implemented determination of type of selected field

  • In Menu was added new option "Create a new mod"





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