XRumer 12.0.5更新!


  • Fixed a serious bug at redirect processing, that sufficiently affected the success rate of link posting in profiles and posts.
  • Adjusted progress bar at email registration in Project window
  • Added new interface translate on Chinese
  • Corrected proxy counting after XRumer start
  • Disabled animation from main menu
  • System keys on main window was restored in Default skins
  • Fixed bug “Range check error”, was appearing on some OS
  • Fixed lags in interface that may be appeared on some OS
  • Improved filling the fields at registration on some recourses
  • Adjusted registration logic on phpBB
  • Fixed bug on textual captcha on SMF
  • Fixed decoding of ReCapctha on ExpressionEngine
  • Fixed correct display of information about the latest version of XRumer
  • In Project window, at usage of “Autofilling” option, was implemented generation of "humanlike" nickname with a random component.
  • At first run using Remote Desktop, interface was adjusted for more optimal





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